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Public Relations


Public Relations Services

Every PR agency works differently, and while most claim to be experts, at Crushn Media, we walk the talk. Getting newsworthy stories for our clients means everything to what we stand for. We pride ourselves on being the best in media relations, social media, and influence relations. Therefore, if you are looking for an agency that dedicates its resources to securing brand exposure, this is the right place to be. We combine talent and experience for innovative PR approaches and excellent delivery. Our commitment to building strong campaigns that deliver results across various industries has put us on the map as the best PR consultant in Minneapolis, MN.


What We Do



Consumer Marketing

Over time, we help brands and individuals build stronger reputations, relevance, and business results by creating stories relevant to the real world. Our public relations services drive some of the most effective campaigns, whether you work with our PR consultants or collaborate with other agencies as your team.



Corporate and Public Affairs

We believe in the power of reputation, which is why we are dedicated to building and protecting yours through strategic narrative development. Our strategies include excellent thought leadership, social impact, positioning, and management of issues. Our greatest asset is in-depth research and insights that foster creative thinking for effective and measurable communication solutions.



Media Relations

Traditional media is having a challenge catching up with digital PR trends. The media landscape is changing daily, with fewer people watching the news and rewritten media rules. However, credibility is still a great determinant for the success of PR consultant services. Our public relations agency still understands the relevance of news in driving headlines and building reputations. We merge our media, relationships, and strategy development expertise to craft catchy stories to ensure you appear on the first pages.



Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Our PR agency in Minneapolis, MN, works with micro and macro influencers to create credible content that triggers engagement and delivers real-time results. At the same time, we assist individuals, brands, and business audiences across diverse cultures. These messages empower people across borders and languages.



Multimedia Distribution

If you need a PR consultant to boost your news's views and shares, Crushn Media has your back. We can help your story reach your targets through press releases. Whether through print or digital media, individual reporters, broadcast newsrooms, websites, bloggers, social media influencers, etc. We also focus on multimedia distribution through photos, videos, audio, and other media that can deliver results.



We are more than A PR Agency

Having public relations services is just part of a bigger digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing should target multiple avenues where your audience is. So take charge and expand your public relations to derive results from your efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions


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