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SEO & Lead Generation


Digital Marketing Services

Crushn Media’s digital marketing services are shaped to meet the needs of growing businesses and brands. We ensure that our pricing and service delivery modules are tailored to work for you.


Our digital services target individuals, brands, and businesses from various industries, whether they are big or small. Our services are trustworthy, and our continuous delivery of results backs our credentials as a leading digital marketing agency.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Strategies?

Today's digital marketing in Minneapolis, MN, is cutthroat and only companies with a solid online presence can manage the competition. To be above the competition, you must build a digital marketing strategy that weathers all storms. Without a well-planned marketing plan, your marketing efforts will all be in vain, causing a spillover on your business growth.

With specific goals and target audience in mind, you are already setting yourself up for success. However, to achieve this anticipated growth and success, you must use the appropriate tools and services like the ones we have at Crushn Media.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services can help you get organic traffic and leads from the millions of people who search the internet daily. Online visibility works for small and big enterprises trying to gain massive online traction. Local SEO is an effective tool for maximizing your reach to potential customers.

Our digital marketing agency offers search engine optimization (SEO) services to help your website search for industry-specific keywords. Using keywords helps drive the right customers to your digital media content. These keywords are essential because they link your brand to your potential customers.




PPC Management

Consumers always visit search engines like Google and Yahoo to search for your brand, products, and services. Pay-per-click services (PPC) provide a platform on search engines where your advertisements can run and show people what your brand offers. PPC services generate leads because they allow brands to target relevant prospects specifically.

Our PPC specialists in Minneapolis, MN, will create an Ad for you that will place yours ahead of quality leads relating to your products and services. Increased web traffic increases your conversions. This strategy will boost the quality of your online advertisements, impacting your Return on investment.




Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing tool you should consider in your marketing techniques. With over 3.6 billion active users, your potential audience is already waiting. A social media account is not enough because you need to engage your audience to see the results. However, with most businesses not having the expertise to manage their accounts effectively, our digital marketing services are here to help.

Our social media services present a team of marketers who create, manage and deliver campaigns that deliver results. Our digital marketing agency positions clients as influencers for their brands. Our content is engaging enough to boost your followers and generate more leads.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    After payment you’ll receive an intake form to your email. It’ll take 60 seconds to fill out and send back.
  • How long until I get the audit?
    Within 24 hours after sending the intake form back.
  • Why should I get this audit?
    If you’re new to SEO this will guide you on what to do next. It will give you strategies to implement on-page and off-page optimization that will significantly increase your ranking and website traffic.
  • How will this help my business?
    97% of customers today will go on google to find the service or place they are looking for. And 95% will only pick one of the top 3 businesses who show up on google search and google maps. This audit will give you a blueprint to increase your rankings and become one of the top 3 in searches and listings.
  • What business will this work for?
    This will work for any business with a website regardless of niche.
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