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About Us


Who We Are

We help people, brands and businesses thrive in the digital world. Digital marketing to us goes beyond technology and explores the deeper ends of our thought process, actions, and how we connect to your business. Our founder, Simon Tizon, has led us on the right path by building a strong digital marketing foundation helping businesses scale their revenue. 

We have managed to work with our clients through trust and discipline to achieve desirable results. In addition, we have leveraged the ever-changing digital landscape to predict and scale up your business to get you the highest ROI. All this is made possible by our well-equipped team experienced in various digital marketing services and PR management.


Transformation for the Future

Our tailored services have brought us recognition as a reliable digital marketing solution for individuals, brands, and businesses. We take these businesses from the ground level and build them to be headline-worthy. Our unique services and client testimonials confirm that we are a reliable and trusted provider of high-quality digital marketing services.

Our tailored strategies are embedded in sustainability and viability to adapt to the changing environment. We are the number one company to take your business from better to the best.


Commitment to Results

Crushn Media guarantees that investing in digital marketing will make a huge difference to you or your brand. We center our strategies around clicks that generate conversions, promising you a bigger return on investment. Your campaigns will also run on the two platforms with the right tools to boost results and performance.


Digital Marketing Simplified

Digital marketing is challenging and overwhelming, especially when handling everything alone. Therefore, before working with you, we spend time learning about you and what you do, your goals, your position, and where you aim to be. This helps us builds a sold strategy that stands for the success of your brand or business.

Our services focus on paid advertising, SEO, and social media to ensure your audience gets your message. We further analyze, plan, review, and improve these strategies until we achieve the desired results.

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Grow Your Audience

Our advertising tools and technology allow us to measure and improve the return on investment and performance. Working collaboratively allows us to eliminate ineffective strategies and introduce marketing strategies that can effectively grow your business.


With time, you will see the number of visitors on your social media pages and website growing.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    After payment you’ll receive an intake form to your email. It’ll take 60 seconds to fill out and send back.
  • How long until I get the audit?
    Within 24 hours after sending the intake form back.
  • Why should I get this audit?
    If you’re new to SEO this will guide you on what to do next. It will give you strategies to implement on-page and off-page optimization that will significantly increase your ranking and website traffic.
  • How will this help my business?
    97% of customers today will go on google to find the service or place they are looking for. And 95% will only pick one of the top 3 businesses who show up on google search and google maps. This audit will give you a blueprint to increase your rankings and become one of the top 3 in searches and listings.
  • What business will this work for?
    This will work for any business with a website regardless of niche.
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